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                Successfully selling real estate for 11 years. 

Having started my career in a market similar to what we have now, I know how to get homes sold.  I can help you in either of these two ways:

Which option is right for you?              
 Here’s an example on a $150,000 house   Option 1
    Option 2
 Cost upfront
              $ 0  
 Listing Agent Commission (only if SOLD)
  2%   =   $3,000
              $ - 
 Buyer’s Agent Commission (only if SOLD)
  3%    =  $4,500 
    3% =  $4,500
 TOTAL   5%        $7,500
                                    You Saved               $1,500                    $3,750          
Savings are calculated against the typical 6% commission

Option 1-   A reduced 5% commission with no upfront costs and a great marketing program.  
                    See more of what I do for you here. 
  • You pay me $0 if your home doesn't sell.
  • You only pay the 5% commission if the home sells.  I would receive 2% as a listing agent and the buyers agent would receive 3%.
  • This is the commission structure most people are familiar with, except I do not charge a 6% commission.
  • This is a really good option if cash flow is tight and you need to sell your home and you have the equity to cover a commission.

Option 2 -  A flat fee of $750 paid upfront and then you would pay a 3% commission to a buyer's agent when the home sells. 
                    This can save you quite a bit.  You still get the same full service listing and the same great marketing program as Option 1.  
                    See more info on how I sell homes right here. 
  • You don't pay the $750 until you are happy with the marketing program I have done on your home. I will complete the launch of your listing in 1 week or less.   You pay the $750 in that first week when you are satisfied with the video tour, photos, brochures and terms of the listing paperwork that we sign.
  • Option 2 is only for a limited time.  I have a few openings to help new sellers.  When the openings fill, then I will have to pull this option so I can best serve my clients.  How long this option is available depends on how fast my openings fill up.  It could last a week or it could last a day.  So contact me soon.
  • Some sellers have asked why would I give up so much on my listing commission.  Option 2 also works for me because my selling system is so complete that I have a higher chance of being the buyers agent and therefore also earning the 3% commission paid to a buyer's agent.  So, I am willing to charge less on my listing commission as an incentive for you to list with me and to increase my chance of becoming the buyers agent and earning the 3% commission when your home is SOLD.
  • The $750 is non-refundable after it is paid.  Remember, you don't pay it until you are satisfied with the work I have done to launch your listing.
  • Many of the sellers I help also end up buying their next home through me if they are not moving out of the area.  So even though I get paid upfront, I am still motivated to follow through with getting your home sold.  I hope to earn your trust as a professional and receive future business and referrals from you.
  • 2010 was a career best because of how effective my system is working.  This is another reason why I am in a position to offer such a great discount. 

Several of my listings have recently sold because my marketing program targets the “out of area” buyers. 
So, let's put this system to work for you. 

To discuss your questions:  Call or Text 435-720-7333