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Bear Lake

Our family loves Bear Lake.

It's a scenic drive and the lake is beautiful.

It's great to play in the water (no boat needed).

You can do it as a day trip or if you want to stay longer then you can camp close by or rent a cabin.  Renting a cabin and sharing the bill with a group of people makes the cost very reasonable.  We have a camper trailer so we hang out in the mountains at night and go to the lake in the afternoons to play.  We've also had some luck fishing in the mornings on the rocky parts of the east shore.  The east shore isn't as fun to play along because it's rocky on the water's edge along most of it.

Our kids love to play on the beaches located at the north and the west sides of the lakes.  The water is very shallow on these sides and you can walk out quite a ways before it gets deep.  Often there are little sand islands (south west side beaches) that the kids wade out to.  They love it.

You can rent water toys, jet skis and boats if you want to.  

There are bathroom facilities close to all the normally used beach areas.