Home Sellers: Here's what I do that is more than what most agents offer.

Did you know I do more but I don't charge more?
I still pay the buyer's agent 3% so we can be sure the buyer's agents stay motivated about your property.
You get a Video Tour, Professional quality photos, top quality Flyers with DVD, and more!
Why this works for you?  You get a world class marketing program without being charged more.
Why this works for me?   My business thrives best with word of mouth.  If I do more for you, then I have noticed my business increases.

#1 Advantage is REAL VIDEO TOURS

This video is about 2 1/2 mins.

"One hundred tellings are not as good as one seeing." Old chinese proverb

 IMPORTANT: This is not a regular photo slideshow or virtual tour.  It is full motion video.

 Your home is the dream home of the right buyer, and we show them with video! You have the advantage over all the other beautiful homes for sale.

 *** Video can focus buyers attention on your home's features.

 *** Spoken narration helps buyers recognize the additional features of your home.  If buyers know more features about your home then they are likely to make better offers.

*** I made sure buyers can find the video online by putting it where the buyers are already looking. The video is viewable within the Multiple Listing Service for buyers and all agents to see.  So, I promise it's not lost in cyberspace.

 *** HIGH quality professional grade equipment is used to shoot, edit and produce the video and narration.  Your home looks it's best and buyers like that!

 *** DVDs are created from this video tour and distributed with the printed brochures in your yard's flyer box.  You'd be amazed at how many Buyer's jaws drop when they see what a cool thing they just pulled out of the flyer box.   To my knowledge, there's not a single other agent locally that does this. 

  *** Very easy to play back.  94% of Buyer's computers can play the online video with no cumbersome software to download. 

*** Sellers love'em because it's like a 24 hour online open house and they only had to clean up once.

*** Buyers love'em because they can see inside your home from inside their home.

 #2 Advantage is Professional Pictures

This video is about 2 mins.

85% of buyers are house hunting online.

The photos buyers see are critical to selling your home.

With my photography background Buyers will see the reasons why they should buy your home.

***  My system allows buyers to scroll through an UNLIMITED number of pictures, so they can really soak up the finer points of your home.  The playback system is fast loading and easy to use.

 *** The pictures I take are really good pictures because I use professional grade equipment and I have a good "eye" to get the right shot.  I use a wide angle lens to capture more house in one picture.  Buyers love this. They can see nearly an entire room at the same time in one picture.  

Example of my photography system

 *** Here is a side by side comparison between a regular camera and a professional camera created for real estate pictures.  Both pictures were taken standing in the same spot.   

 This picture was taken using a $400 regular camera.

It's not a bad picture, but a buyer may miss the spaciousness of the room.
This could result in a lost showing, or worse, a missed transaction.
Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it.

The difference is in the camera. 
A regular camera is not designed to capture rooms.
Regular cameras are designed to take pictures of people

Both pictures were taken while standing in the same spot.

 This picture was taken with my real estate camera.

This picture gives the best feel for the room and the home.
Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it.

The difference is in the camera.
Most agents don't use professional cameras because they are complex.
I know how to use my professional camera and I really enjoy hearing that my sellers love how good their photography looks.

Both pictures were taken while standing in the same spot.

#3 Advantage is High Impact Brochures

Brochure video is 1 min. 39 seconds.

1- Buyers not only want info at the curb, they want pictures too.
2- Buyers
hate wasting time on houses they don't like.
3- They want to see inside your house before they walk in.
They want high quality brochures at the curb.

*** I have top quality software and printers that I use to produce amazing brochures.  If you'd like to see an example, I can mail you one or I'll bring one when we do our pre-listing meeting.

*** The brochures are the delivery vehicle for the DVD of the video about your home.  The brochure also contains the link to the video so a person could easily refer an out of area friend to the video.

***  The pictures are already done online, why not put them curbside so any prospective buyer, who is on the go, can get the pictures too.

#4 The POWER OF THE AGENT MLS system for distributing home information.

Sellers do not need to hire an Agent from a BIG NAME franchise to get top quality online visibility.  The internet has equalized the ability for me to offer your home on all the BIG NAME franchise sites. 

That's right....all the BIG NAME franchise sites carry your home's information when I list your home for sale in the Agent MLS.

When you hire me, I do not charge extra franchise fees and your home will still be posted on these sites AND MANY OTHERS:

 www.utahrealestate.com (Public MLS)
 WFR MLS (Local Agent MLS)

 www.Realtor.com  (National MLS)



#5 Advantage is GOOGLE ADS

In today's high tech world, it's no longer important to have an expensive main street office location.  85% of buyers start first online.  So that is where I am investing my marketing budget.

Many buyers don't know where to start looking for homes, so they GOOGLE it.  They open a Google search and type in something like "brigham ut homes for sale."

I subscribe to internet search placement on GOOGLE for fresh buyers who are just starting to search for homes in our area.  This gives me an opportunity to be one of the first agents that out of area buyers contact to find out about our local real estate market.  Of course, sellers who choose to list with me get early introductions to these new buyers.  

#6 Advantage is MOBILE Info on the go.

Smart phones are changing the way buyers access information.  Your homes information is available to Buyers 24/7 on their smart phones, while they are driving in your neighborhood or are planning to visit your neighborhood.  If you have a smart phone, try it by visiting UtahRealEstate.com/mobile

UtahRealEstate.com Mobile is real estate power in the palm of your hands.

Benefits of using UtahRealEstate.com Mobile include:

  • Access to ALL REALTOR® listed homes for sale.
  • The most accurate, up-to-date property information available.

UtahRealEstate.com Mobile has a robust, yet simple, set of tools tailored for mobile computing, the coolest of which include:

  • "Near Me" home searching
  • Address routing capability
  • Photo "swipe through" functionality
  • Upcoming open houses!

Visit Utahrealestate.com/mobile today and find the home that is right for you!

Mobile Site is compatible with
iPhone (IOS Operating System)     -     Android (Android OS)      -      Blackberry (OS6)

#7 Advantage is an "Easy Cancel Option"

What if your situation changes and you don't need to sell anymore?

Look out....some brokerages will charge you a cancelation fee or worse, the full value of the commission.

I don't do that.  If something changes and you decide to stay in your home, you don't pay anything to cancel your listing.

#8 Advantage is additional Market Updates for FREE

This economy makes it critical to understand what is influencing the short term and long term value of your home.

During your listing, I will be happy to provide additional market updates at your request or if I see it may help you.

We can meet and I will show you what has changed in the local real estate market since your home was listed.

Call me when you are ready to move.