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Here are a few things I do to help home buyers.

I help to simplify the search with my FREE, NO OBLIGATION, home finder service     

I will learn your needs and wants in a home.  Then I will set up some convenient email alerts to help you keep up with the best deals on homes and their price reductions.

I help to consolidate the time for house hunting
When you have an hour or two or a day off, I'll arrange to see your favorite properties.  I handle all the appointments and scheduling and help you compare the properties as an independant opinion on which homes will have the best resale value and still meet your long term needs.

I help you with your mortgage shopping.
98% of buyers need a loan to purchase a home.  You'll probably have questions.  Especially with all the new changes with today's mortgage regulations.  I'm here to offer my experience in walking you through the loan shopping and application process. 

I make sure you don't pay too much
With access to the recent sales data, I can help you determine if the home you love is priced right.  When your bid on a home is accepted, then we can have some confidence that the appraisal isn't going to flop which ends up costing you extra money.

I do the paperwork management and offer negotiations
There are loads of paperwork with today's complex world.  I understand the forms you need to structure your offer correctly to help your home buying experience go smoother. I'll work directly with the seller, or their agent, to have all the documents in order to purchase the home. 

I handle the transaction coordination
As your agent, I am the hub between you and lenders, appraisers, title companies, inspectors, insurance reps, etc.  Any of these groups of people may have questions that you don't have answers to or they may need documents you've never heard of.  I will help coordinate the finalization of your home purchase. 

When you are ready to start housing hunting, call me to get started.